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Training Services

Consulintel has provided hundreds of trainings, talks and conferences related to IT in the last years.


Considering our high specialization in IPv6 and our participation in a number of R&D projects, which also contributed to IPv6 awareness, dissemination and training/education/learning, we have accomplished a very high degree of expertise at international level, providing trainings in English and Spanish.


IPv6 Training:


All the key issues related to the deployment, operation and maintenance of an IPv6 network are presented in a clear and easy, so the key concepts are acquired.


We offer both, theoretical and practical contents, tailoring the training to the customer profile and needs and including hands-on.


For the theoretical contents, we can offer aspects such as (not limited to):

  • IPv6 introduction: IPv6 history, advantages, general features, comparison with IPv4.
  • IPv6 packet structure: Header fields, extension headers, MTU.
  • IPv6 addressing: Address types (unicast, multicast, anycast), address architecture, subnetting, address selection, addressing plans.
  • IPv6 control and configuration: ICMPv6, neighbour/router discovery and solicitation, autoconfiguration, renumbering, duplicate address detection, privacy addresses.
  • Transition mechanisms: IPv4-IPv6 coexistence strategies, dual-stack, tunnelling, translation, transition mechanisms configuration.
  • IPv6 DNS: direct and reverse resolution, transport, root servers, DNS server configuration (BIND, others, Linux/Windows).
  • IPv6 security: IPsec, ND threads, SEND, privacy extensions, comparison with IPv4, other IPv6 security aspects, filtering.
  • IPv6 routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, MBGP, Multicast.
  • IPv6 advanced aspects: IP mobility, QoS, Multicast, application porting, management and monitoring, MPLS.


The hands-on sessions can be arranged to cover 30-40% of the total training time, including aspects such as:

  • Host and router configuration: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Hitachi.
  • Basic configuration, transition mechanisms, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP.


The training duration and final contents can be arranged according to the customers focus/model and other requisites such as number of PCs/routers for the hands-on, etc.


We also offer several labs of routers, which can be accessed remotely from any part of the world via Internet, for the hands-on.